Maryland Web Design Corporation Organic Search Engine Marketing

Maryland Web Design Corporation Organic Search Engine Marketing: The new digital mantra for marketing managers

In the digital age, search engine marketing has become indispensable to brands and their products. The idea of the brand or product showing on top of the results page generated by a search engine, in the form of advertisements and paid inclusions, definitely makes the brand, service or product more visible.

What is Organic Search Engine Marketing?

There are two ways to approach Search Engine Marketing. One way is to pay a digital company specializing in search engine optimizations and search engine marketing to place your ad on the results page of a generated search, called Pay Per Click (PPC). The other way is the natural way or the organic way.

In Organic Search Engine Marketing, you don’t have to pay to place your brand, service or product on the result page. Maryland Web Design unique strategy and SEO tools, by ways of strategically placing relevant keywords, the link to your page shows up in a natural search as one of the top ten pages in the search category.

Advantages of organic search engine marketing & Maryland Web Design Corporation

Is paid search engine marketing or search engine marketing via sponsored ads a better option than your web link showing up in an organic listing relevant to the search of keywords related to your webpage?

  • Statistics show that web users, more or less, assume that a sponsored ad is going to lead to a paid site or an expensive site and hence do not click on it
  • Viewers are more likely to click on one or most of the first ten pages showing up in an organic list for the search of relevant keywords
  • 70% of the search engines report that web links shown in an organic listing are visited daily by viewers. This means that when your web page shows up in an organic listing you have the potential to attract consumers to your web page daily
  • 50% of the people using the search engine tend to reflexively focus on the top search results and more often than not do not even notice the content of the sponsor ads on the left hand side
  • 72.3% Google users have reported that results generated in their organic listings are more relevant to their searches than the sponsored ads
  • The overall conversion rates of results shown in an organic listing are three times higher than those of sponsor ads or links

The truth is viewers would tend to click on a sponsor ad because the content is gripping. It is sheer curiosity which leads a viewer to chase a paid presence. The conversion of a viewer who has landed on your web page out of sheer curiosity into a potential customer is 1 in a 100.

When a viewer clicks on the search result of an organic listing, he or she wants to visit that page because it is relevant to their search. They are drawn to your web page because they feel you have what they seek. The chances of converting such a viewer into a client are definitely higher.


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